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Intel has introduced a program focused on artificial intelligence (AI) for personal computers (PCs), aimed at software developers and hardware vendors

Intel has introduced the AI PC Developer Program, an initiative aimed at software developers and independent software vendors (ISVs), with the goal of simplifying the developer experience and promoting the widespread adoption of new AI technologies. This program, along with the inclusion of Independent Hardware Vendors (IHVs), represents a significant advancement in fostering innovation and collaboration within the software and hardware ecosystem.

Carla Rodriguez, Vice President and General Manager of Client Software Ecosystem Enabling at Intel, emphasized the significance of this expansion, stating that the AI PC Acceleration Program has made significant progress by collaborating with the ecosystem. The addition of the AI PC Developer Program extends this reach beyond large ISVs to engage with smaller developers and ISVs, facilitating their involvement in AI technology adoption.

The AI PC Developer Program is custom-tailored for software developers and ISVs, with the aim of streamlining their experience and promoting the adoption of AI technologies on a large scale. It provides a comprehensive set of tools, workflows, AI deployment frameworks, and developer kits, all featuring the latest Intel hardware, including the Intel Core Ultra processor.

The updated developer resource pages serve as a central hub for accessing AI PC and client-focused toolkits, documentation, and training materials. These resources empower developers to leverage Intel Core Ultra processor technologies effectively, maximizing the performance of AI and machine learning applications and accelerating the development of new use cases.

The inclusion of Independent Hardware Vendors (IHVs) in the AI PC Acceleration Program offers an opportunity for IHVs to prepare, optimize, and enable their hardware for Intel AI PCs. Qualified partners gain access to Intel’s Open Labs, where they receive early technical and co-engineering support for their hardware solutions and platforms. Additionally, Intel provides reference hardware to qualified IHV partners, enabling them to test and optimize their technology for efficient performance upon launch.

Matt King, senior director of Client Hardware Ecosystem at Intel, expressed excitement about the expansion, highlighting that Intel has onboarded 150 hardware vendors worldwide into the AI PC Accelerator Program. This expansion aims to scale innovative hardware and software solutions to Intel’s broad ecosystem of developers.

Developers and IHVs can register to join the AI Acceleration Program, with Intel actively collaborating with hardware partners to enhance the AI PC experience further.

Introduced in October 2023, the AI PC Acceleration Program offers a comprehensive suite of resources, including AI toolchains, training, co-engineering support, and sales opportunities. Intel aims to empower developers and hardware vendors to unlock new possibilities in AI.

Jaspreet Bindra, Founder of TechWhisperer UK Limited, noted the trend of AI moving to the edge, away from the cloud and towards devices like smartphones and PCs. This shift promises cost reduction, faster speeds, and more focused task execution with smaller Large Language Models (LLMs).

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