Intel Buys Kno To Increase Presence In Education

ylyC45455PM1192013Intel has reportedly acquired Kno, a startup firm dealing in digital textbooks. According to reports, Techcrunch reported about a deal being in the works after which, a spokesperson from Intel Education posted on the company’s website yesterday. The deal has reportedly gone through at an undisclosed amount but reports say that being a well funded organisation the deal couldn’t have been cheap. Also, Kno has reportedly raised venture capital worth over $73 million from SV angel, Andreessen Horowitz and other top firms.

According to a report by Venture Beat, John Galvin, sales and marketing executive from Intel, John Galvin, said that the acquisition of the company would “boost Intel’s global digital content library to more than 225,000 higher education and K-12 titles through existing partnerships with 75 educational publishers.” The report also said that Kno has some 200,000 titles ranging from K12 to higher ed-level textbooks. All these can be used through the company’s app on Android, Windows 7, iPad and Windows 8 devices.

In addition, Kno had also recently created a product, called Advance, which could turn PDF documents into interactive ebooks in no time. According to the Venture Beat report, Kno had built this for internal use, but started getting requests from big book publishers like Wayside Publishing and McGraw Hill Education.