intel_appup_635Intel has decided to shut its PC app store, AppUp, on 11 March as the firm shifts its focus towards its PC innovations.

“At Intel, we’re always thinking about the future, which often means making changes today. That’s why, on 11 March 2014, Intel AppUp Centre will come to a close as we focus on developing new and exciting PC innovations that will continue to shape your world,” stated the official Intel website.

It has been also noted that users will be able to still use their AppUp apps even after the store closes. However, the FAQ section clearly states, “they (apps) must be launched directly from a desktop icon or through the Program menu rather than through the storefront.” It has been additionally mentioned that some apps, which require communication with AppUp store, might not work after 15 May 2015.

Intel will also be refunding the actual transaction price of the paid apps to its users. The refund process will available from 28 January until 19 December 2014. Users can click here to apply for refunds. The previously downloaded apps will not get any updates or notifications via AppUp once the store gets closed.

The chipmaker’s new strategy to focus on PC innovations may just bear exciting fruits for end-users, if Intel’s concept demonstrations at CES 2014, were any indication. One of these, was Edison, an x86 PC the size of a SD card that is envisioned as a prototype to help drive the Internet of Things, or the coming wave of wearables, appliances and personal items that will have embedded sensors and persistent Internet connections to allow users to interact with them digitally. Also shown off at CES, was the Jarvis personal assistant, a variety of wearable sensors, and more – read our summary of Intel’s CES 2014 announcements.



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