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Instagram Threads search has been updated to include support for ‘all languages’ in its latest release

Instagram Threads, the platform’s competitor to Twitter, is expanding its keyword search feature to all available markets, supporting various languages. Previously tested in English-speaking markets, the feature is part of Threads’ effort to cater to a global audience, with the app currently used by nearly 100 million people monthly.

Additionally, Threads is nearing a launch in the European Union, with reports suggesting it may debut as early as the next month. Offering keyword search capabilities in various languages is crucial for serving a diverse market like the EU.

While Threads hasn’t adopted Trending Topics like Twitter’s feature, it has been rapidly adding functionalities, such as a chronological following feed, a web app, likes viewing, polls, GIFs, hashtag support, an edit button, profile switching, and more.


Thread search feature supports “all languages “ App launches in the E.U - TechCity
Thread search feature supports “all languages “ App launches in the E.U

The platform’s algorithmic feed often features days-old posts, differentiating it from Twitter’s real-time focus on breaking news. Although Threads is smaller than Twitter, with around 100 million monthly users compared to Twitter’s 550 million, Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg remains optimistic about its potential, suggesting it could become Meta’s next billion-person app in the coming years.

The platform’s growth is currently limited by its availability in markets compared to Twitter. The app is still blocking terms related to “long covid” in search, directing users to the CDC’s website for updated information. Instagram Head Adam Mosseri also hinted at more search improvements coming soon.

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