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Instagram now enables users to share concise, looping video notes and is reportedly testing a new privacy feature

Instagram is rolling out a new feature that allows users to share video Notes, enhancing the options for expressing themselves on the platform. Initially launched a year ago, Instagram Notes resembled WhatsApp statuses, enabling users to post text or emojis as their status updates. With the latest update, users can now share brief, two-second looping video Notes, providing a dynamic and engaging way to communicate with their audience.

The new feature, first reported by TechCrunch and later verified by Gadgets 360, currently supports videos captured only from the front-facing camera. While distinct from Instagram Stories, the video Notes share a common trait with Stories in that they are visible for 24 hours. Unlike Stories, users can’t use pre-existing videos from their camera gallery, limiting them to recording videos in real-time.

Before sharing a video Note, users have the option to enhance their content by adding a text caption and background music. Additionally, users can customize the audience for their Notes, choosing between Mutual Followers or their Close Friends list. It’s noteworthy that the shared video Note will alter the thumbnail on the viewer’s page, replacing the user’s profile picture with that of the video shared, providing a visual cue for the content.



Instagram Now Allows Users to Share Short, Looping Video Notes; Said to Be Testing  New Privacy Feature | Technology News
Instagram Now Allows Users to Share Short, Looping Video Notes; Said to Be Testing New Privacy Feature

Moreover, users can respond to a Note not only with text but also with audio, photos, videos, GIFs, and stickers. When someone reacts to a user’s Note, the response is sent as a direct message, expanding the communication possibilities on the platform.

In addition to the video Notes feature, Instagram is reportedly testing a new privacy feature that gives users control over who can view their Likes on posts and Reels. Screenshots shared by user Hammod Oh (@ihammod_oh) indicate that the feature is under testing, presenting users with options such as “allow everyone to see likes,” “allow people that you follow to see likes,” “allow close friends to see likes,” and “don’t allow anyone to see likes.” While this feature has not been officially announced, it aligns with Instagram’s ongoing efforts to provide users with more control over their privacy settings.

The introduction of video Notes and the potential Likes privacy feature reflects Instagram’s commitment to offering users diverse and customizable ways to interact on the platform. These updates cater to the evolving preferences of users who seek more dynamic and expressive ways to engage with their audience while also prioritizing privacy controls. As social media platforms continue to evolve, providing users with a variety of features and privacy options becomes essential in maintaining user satisfaction and engagement. Instagram’s initiatives align with broader industry trends aimed at enhancing user experience and privacy across digital platforms.

In conclusion, Instagram’s latest updates, including the introduction of video Notes and the testing of Likes privacy features, demonstrate the platform’s dedication to providing users with innovative ways to express themselves and exercise greater control over their privacy settings. These features contribute to the platform’s ongoing efforts to stay relevant and user-friendly in the competitive landscape of social media. As users increasingly seek diverse and customizable communication options, platforms like Instagram respond by introducing features that align with evolving user preferences.

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