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Instagram is set to introduce a feature that will enable users to share selfie videos within Notes soon

Instagram, owned by Meta, is testing a new feature that will allow users to post short, looping selfie videos within Notes. Adam Mosseri, the head of Instagram, announced this feature through a video on Meta’s micro-blogging service, Threads. In the video, Mosseri explained that users would be able to update their default profile photo in Notes with a brief, looping video. Users will still be able to include accompanying text with their video posts. This new feature aims to provide Instagram users with a more dynamic way to express themselves in their profiles.

To use this feature, users can start by tapping on a camera icon that will appear over their profile picture when creating a Note. This camera icon will allow them to record and post selfie videos within Notes. Mosseri also encouraged users to provide feedback on the feature as it is being tested.

In addition to this feature, Instagram is experimenting with a new feed that will exclusively feature posts from paid verified users. This means that only verified accounts who have paid to be part of this program will have their posts appear in this feed. The Meta Verified program comes with a cost, and users who choose to participate will have to pay for the privilege. The fee is $11.99 when accessed from the web and $14.99 within the app. This feed is being explored as a way for businesses and creators to enhance their visibility and reach on the platform.

Meta, Instagram’s parent company, is also looking into charging European users for an ad-free experience on Instagram and Facebook. Users will have the option to pay the fee for an ad-free experience or continue to see personalized ads on the platforms.

These developments indicate that Instagram and Meta are continuously evolving their services and exploring new ways to offer unique experiences to their users while also seeking new revenue streams.

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