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Instagram is experimenting with a novel feed configuration

Instagram is currently testing a feature aimed at providing users with more control over their feeds and potentially boosting content creators’ and businesses’ discoverability. Instagram’s head, Adam Mosseri, announced on Channels that the platform is exploring an option that allows users to exclusively follow Meta-verified accounts, thereby streamlining their feed experience.

Presently, Instagram offers two feed options: “Following” and “Favorites.” The “Following” option displays posts from all the accounts users follow, whether they are verified or regular accounts. In contrast, the “Favorites” option allows users to see posts only from the accounts they’ve marked as favorites. The new “Verified” option aims to further refine users’ feed experiences by displaying posts solely from accounts that have the coveted blue check mark verifying their profiles.

To access these options, users can tap on the “Instagram” logo at the top of the homepage, offering a new layer of control over their feed content.

In related developments, Instagram has introduced a subscription plan, “Meta Verified,” available for Rs 699 per month on both iOS and Android. Subscribers receive a blue check mark on both Instagram and Facebook, enhancing their online credibility. A web-only version of the subscription is also available for Rs 599 per month.

Additionally, Instagram is testing the ability to convert photos into custom stickers for use in Reels and Stories, allowing for more creative and interactive content. Furthermore, the platform is experimenting with the inclusion of polls or votes in comments on both feeds and Reels, offering users additional ways to engage with content on Instagram.

This ongoing testing and feature development underscore Instagram’s efforts to enhance user experiences, promote content creators and businesses, and offer new, engaging features to its community.

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