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Inspan Launches SX300 mSATA Solid State Drive from ADATA

Inspan Infotech, one of the largest IT distribution companies for motherboards and hardware components, launches SX300 mSATA Solid State Drive from ADATA.

The Premier Pro SX300 mSATA 6GB/sec solid state drive is a high-performance

system storage device. With a SandForce controller and 25nm (MLC) NAND Flash chips, the SX300 reaches random read and write speeds of up to 25,000/85,000 IOPS. When combined with the Sandy Bridge or Ivy Bridge platforms, the SX300 can achieve amazing performance on both desktop and notebook systems. When the SX300 and hard drive are used together in a hybrid configuration (SSD Caching), costs can be greatly reduced, with still reaching nearly the speed performance of an SSD as primary drive.

The SX300 measures 50.95 x 30 x 4mm. It is applicable to many motherboards including Acer TM8481G and MSI GT70. The implementation of optimized firmware in the SX300 results in full utilization of the NAND Flash components, which translates to maximized storage capacity: a 7% increase over other solid state drives that use a SandForce controller.

Key Features

  • Complete system enhancement solutions
  • Excellent cost performance value
  • Hardware compatibility
  • Small and light
  • SSD+HDD Hybrid

Sudhir SManaging Director at Inspan Infotech said “The low power consumption of the mSATA SSD greatly reduces electricity costs. The SX300 is small and light. It is applicable to many motherboards on the market that have an mSATA slot. mSATA SSD comes with 64GB/128GB/256GB capacities. Compared to a sole mechanical drive, performance is improved by up to 64%.

Price, Availability and Warranty

SX300 64 GB is priced at Rs 8099.

SX300 128 GB is priced at Rs 14750.

SX300 comes with 3 years warranty and is available ex-stock.

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