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Infosys CEO: Some customers insist on working from office

Infosys, India’s second-largest company, has not yet made working from the office mandatory for its employees.

However, the company may have to reconsider its hybrid working policy due to client demands.

During Infosys’ 42nd annual general meeting (AGM), a senior company official revealed that some clients have started insisting that their projects be handled from the office.

The AGM, addressed by Infosys’ executive chairman Nandan Nilekani, took place virtually. CEO and Managing Director Salil Parekh stated that in the future, there will be a greater need for social capital and connecting with others for various activities such as training.

CFO Nilanjan Roy added that while employees are encouraged to come to the office for a few days to enhance social capital, the extent of office attendance depends on client requirements. Infosys currently employs around 340,000 people.

Infosys maintains a flexible approach for its employees, allowing them the option to work from home or adopt a hybrid working model. However, in cases where clients require on-site work, the company accommodates employees and teams on campus.

CEO Salil Parekh emphasized the need for increased social capital and connection among employees for effective collaboration and the pursuit of new projects.

Looking ahead, Parekh acknowledged the challenges and opportunities presented by the post-pandemic landscape, including factors such as inflation, interest rates, geopolitics, demand volatility, and supply chain disruptions.

Executive Chairman Nandan Nilekani emphasized the importance of efficiency in the present while preparing for future growth and resilience in the face of evolving circumstances.

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