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Industry Experts share their Opinion on AI Appreciation Day

AI Appreciation Day quotes from Emids, Ozonetel, Indium Software, SpringML and Torc.

Spokesperson: Ram Singampalli, Chief Delivery Officer, Emids,

“As AI takes center stage globally, it stands at the precipice of revolutionizing our society, propelling us forward with unparalleled social and economic growth while opening new avenues of existence. Its impact is set to surpass even that of the internet, permeating every aspect of our lives and reaching every individual. With responsible and equitable application, AI has the potential to lead humanity into a new era of progress.

The advent of Generative AI promises transformative changes across various industries and disciplines, empowering individuals, and businesses alike to create and access, sparking a wave of productivity enhancements. It will also play a pivotal role in transforming healthcare, offering immense opportunities to improve patient outcomes, enhance diagnostic accuracy, and streamline medical processes. By striking a balance between technological advancements and human expertise, AI can usher a new era in healthcare delivery, making it more efficient, accurate, and patient-centered. In future, healthcare services will be more affordable and accessible based on advances brought by AI.

As AI evolves rapidly, navigating its power requires careful consideration. Yet, it is undeniable that future generations will marvel at how we once lived without the transformative capabilities of AI. Responsible adoption, with a focus on fairness and ethics, will be key to unlocking its full potential and ensuring that its benefits are accessible to all.

The widespread adoption of AI, including Generative AI, will drive unprecedented advancements, reshape industries, and solve complex challenges. This exciting journey combines human ingenuity with artificial intelligence to co-create a future beyond imagination. Together, we can shape this AI-powered world, paving the way for progress, prosperity, and a brighter future for generations to come.” – Ram Singampalli, Chief Delivery Officer, Emids.

Spokesperson: Raja Poladi, Head of India Development Center, SpringML, Inc.

“AI is the gateway for a brighter future that would impact every aspect of human endeavor to build a better world. We can see a clear example of this with SpringML’s pothole detection project for the City of Memphis. We worked closely with them to not only identify 75% more potholes but also reduce city claim costs for damage due to unaddressed potholes, resulting in significant savings for the city. This also helped Memphis create safer neighborhoods that will be more attractive to businesses and home buyers.

PwC UK and Microsoft predict that by 2030, the use of AI for sustainable technologies could add up to USD $5.2 trillion to the world economy. AI is significantly changing every industry and I believe we are just getting started.”
 – Raja Poladi, Head of India Development Center, SpringML, Inc.

Spokesperson: Michael P. Morris, Co-Founder, Torc

“In the ecosystem of software development, the adoption of workplace AI is already having a positive effect on daily operations, but its impact on recruitment, productivity and talent management hasn’t yet come close to being realized. Finding ways for AI to enhance hiring and worker experience, as well as reward culture and performance gains, will translate directly to better future of work environments and bottom-line returns. Adding intelligent technologies is about augmenting human resources and providing greater opportunities to innovate. AI’s promise is not about replacing people and eliminating jobs — AI complements and speeds a person’s capabilities and communication mediums to efficiently and cost-effectively improve worker and customer experience, the products created, and ultimately higher satisfaction for an entire talent network.” – Michael P. Morris, CEO | Co-Founder| Board Member for Torc

Spokesperson: Karthikeyan Sridossan, Executive Vice President – Strategy & Growth, Indium Software

“In the era of exponential growth driven by transformative technologies, AI has emerged as an indispensable ally for businesses. With the rapid growth of Generative AIs such as ChatGPT, Bard, DeepMind, etc., businesses are ready to harness the true potential of AI, which is believed to transcend boundaries and ride the future waves of disruption. Coupled with a modern data stack and traditional NLP engines for pre-processing, governed by Responsible AI principles, Generative AI can unleash limitless possibilities driving enterprise agenda through technology. Witnessing the evolving trend of customers across industries experimenting several business use cases in this space, it is evident that “the future is already here”. 

Spokesperson: Chaitanya Chokkareddy, Chief Product Officer, Ozonetel

“Artificial Intelligence (AI) has transformed numerous aspects of our daily lives and is profoundly impacting the way businesses operate. With the release of ChatGPT and the transformative leap in large language models, enterprises are accelerating their plans to modernize customer experience (CX). Leaders within the CX domain will harness AI to analyze customer data, personalize interactions, and deepen customer engagement across various touchpoints. In contact centers, AI is automating routine tasks, augmenting human capabilities, and transforming the agent experience. AI-based tools such as speech analytics help brands uncover customer pain points and proactively resolve issues before they escalate.  

Generative AI will make it possible for firms to respond faster to a wider range of user requests. It will also enable them to efficiently run targeted conversational marketing, sales, and customer service campaigns. This is just the beginning. Brands must build their roadmaps, planning how they will leverage AI to its full potential, so they can strategically deliver value to customers and create better experiences for them” – Chaitanya Chokkareddy, Chief Product Officer, Ozonetel.

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