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Indian market offers promising opportunities in a variety of demographics and regions – Mr Muneer Ahmad, Vice President Sales and Marketing, ViewSonic India

Mr Muneer Ahmad, Vice President Sales and Marketing, ViewSonic India
Mr Muneer Ahmad, Vice President Sales and Marketing, ViewSonic India

Here’s the interview snippet from the interaction with Mr. Muneer Ahmad, Vice President Sales and Marketing, ViewSonic India

Khushagra: How is the adoption of new technologies paving the way forward for ViewSonic in the AV industry?

Muneer: With the emergence of new developments, technology is constantly evolving. For any business to grow successfully, it is important to be aware of the technological advances and know the industry trends as well as consumer requirements. ViewSonic being a provider of audio-visual solutions, have always valued the essence of new technologies, therefore, managing to incorporate the same in the business model for both products and solutions.

In the last couple of years, our projectors have seen a revolution in terms of technologies and features. We introduced new variants of lamp-free, portable and home-entertainment projectors. We also pioneered the LED technology for projection and adopted it in our Lamp-free projectors. A shift toward this technology is becoming widely prevalent in visual products and solutions. Powered with better brightness, the LED technology possesses more efficiency, reliability, durability, and is long-lasting. Our projectors with LED technologies are widely accepted in the market. Therefore, we aim to develop more LED technology-based projectors that will be affordable, offer minimal maintenance, are energy-efficient and have a longer lifespan. Being environment friendly, we have managed to implement technologies and adaptation towards sustainable and eco-friendly measures.

The use of LED technology in ViewSonic projectors is an example of how we are breaking new ground and embracing new technologies. As a part of a fast-paced economy like India, we make it a point to stay up to date on industry developments.

Khushagra: How is ViewSonic developing an LED-based projector along with a lamp-based projector?

Muneer: There are various projectors in the market, such as large projectors suitable for corporate use, portable projectors, and lamp-based or lamp-free projectors. Various audio-visual companies have developed different types of projectors based on their respective usage after studying industry preferences and requirements. Similarly, we have been at the forefront of establishing and maintaining a presence in the projector market, providing best-in-class products for corporates, education, home entertainment, and gaming.

In the past one year, we have launched multiple projectors embedded with LED technologies, such as the M series, X series and LS series. Both the lamp-based and LED projectors focus on giving an immersive viewing experience but possess different features. Compared to the traditional lamp-based projector, LED technology comes with better brightness, efficiency, reliability, durability, and longevity. In addition, the lifespan is 5 to 10 times longer than the traditional lamp based projectors, hence, eliminating the need for lamp replacement and further reducing ongoing maintenance. It also consumes less power, which makes it more energy efficient. Despite the demand, we are focusing on upgrading both LED and lamp-based technologies.

Khushagra: ViewSonic is ranked No. 1 in the LED Projector segment in India; what are your most targeted working industries in India? 

Muneer:  LED technology is paving a new wave in the projection division. We are pleased to see a high level of user demand for our eco-friendly, sustainable, and efficient products. Our LED projectors are widely used in the corporate and education sectors. As the hybrid model is becoming more prevalent in various industries; schools and institutions prefer to incorporate multiple products, including projectors that are efficient and offer quality. The previous year was successful in propelling us to the top of the LED projector segment. As a part of a large economy, we aim to please the corporate and education sector.

Furthermore, our LED projectors are also widely preferred in the home-entertainment section. Our portable M series – M1, M1+, its successor M1_G2, M1+_G2 and X series are seeing a massive demand in the industry. Embedded with best-in-class features and technologies, our end consumers also purchase home entertainment projectors.

We provide a gamut that is focused on providing the best technology and solutions to the sectors. Our products aid in meeting industry standards and making it simple for people to adapt.

Khushagra: Globally, ViewSonic holds a 65.71% market share in the LED projector segment; what are your plans to maintain and grow the same?

Muneer: LED technologies in the projector segment are significantly making a new pace in the industry. With the robust evolution in technology and consumer preferences, the LED projector segment has observed accelerated growth in the given period. Globally, we have seen a huge demand for our LED projectors. Following a similar interest in the Indian consumers and industry requirements, we are expecting to invest more in our LED products and enhance their features. Further, we would focus on expanding our projector segment, catering more for LED technologies, their durability, reliability and efficiency.   

Khushagra: ViewSonic recently launched new products – flagship model ViewSonic X1000- 4K Soundbar LED Projector, M series portable projectors and PX Series Lamp projectors, give a little brief about the same.

Muneer: With emerging technologies and upgrades, we have launched a new range of projectors for home entertainment, corporates and education. All our products are equipped with the latest technologies, in-built with user-friendly features, and are elegantly designed. Sharing a brief about our latest innovations:

Our flagship model, the X1000- 4K Short Throw Soundbar LED Projector, is undoubtedly one of our premium products, offering room-filling, crystal-clear sound and a completely immersive viewing experience. The projector combines performance and elegance to enhance the audio-visual experience while fitting into the modern lifestyle. It is embedded with second-generation LED technology with increased brightness, a superior colour display (125% Rec .709), and a 30,000-hour lifespan. One of the key aspects of the product is its ultra-short focus ratio of 0.25, providing impressive 100-inch images from a distance of just 38 cm.

M series is a complete package deal for both home entertainment and hybrid model. We have recently introduced M2e portable projector. This portable projector provides crystal-clear visuals in Full HD resolution and cinematic colours covering 125% Rec.709, which is further supported by the second-generation LED technology. The product delivers impeccable optical precision and its effortless setup, and the portability provides a flexible entertainment and work-at-home experience. Also, our next generation projector, M1+_G2, is embedded with a built-in battery and LED light source up to 30,000 hours of lifespan and can deliver big-screen entertainment both inside and outdoors. Taking care of home entertainment, we also impeccably focus on audio; hence, most of the projectors are in-built with Stereo Harman Kardon speakers giving an all-around immersive experience.

PX Series – Our PX series is more inclined towards gamers and is a home entertainment projector. The projectors offer a brightness of 3500 ANSI lumens and guarantee to project high-quality images in any light. Furthermore, it’s latest XPR technology to project a true 4K Ultra HD resolution of 8.3 megapixels enhances maximum detail on a large screen. Complementing this, our projector is thoughtfully built for gamers as it offers 4.2ms Ultra-Fast Input & 240Hz high refresh rate, the microsecond-level response time, where you can game with low delay and seamless viewing of fast-moving objects. Furthermore, multiple ports help in easy connectivity with other devices.

Khushagra: What are some various approaches and methods of ViewSonic in developing an innovative and high-end product in the market?

Muneer:  As one of the most important players in the audio-visual industry, we should be aware of all technological updates and upgrades. Furthermore, the Indian market offers promising opportunities in a variety of demographics and regions. Making a name for oneself in the domestic market necessitates a thorough understanding of consumer behaviour, demographics, and social groups. Therefore, one of the approaches to keep in mind is to develop products and services that meet the needs of end users. Observing different decisions and purchase behaviour, we incorporate newer technological innovations and consumer features and develop affordable, high-quality, or premium products.

Khushagra: ViewSonic launched their First Ever Experience Zone in India, New Delhi. How would the same impact the user experience?

Muneer:  For any brand, user experience becomes crucial for building high or low brand value. Considering our innovative products and services have been highly recommended by our Indian consumers and have witnessed huge demand, we felt the need to connect with our consumers directly. So, in Delhi, our head office and one of the promising markets, opened our first experience zone here.  

With the opening of the experience zone, we aim to provide an engaging and immersive experience, making it easier for our users to access all its AV and IT products and solutions. We are bringing all entertainment, gaming, business and educational solutions together under one roof and providing consumers and channel partners with an unparalleled experience. Further, it also gives our consumers to experience innovative technology and redefine the visual experience with best-in-class products and solutions.

Our experience Zone also provides a first-hand experience with Hybrid Learning Classroom, strengthening our position as an Ed-tech solution provider.

We are delighted to launch our first experience zone in India, enabling us to associate with our consumers directly and closely. It strengthens our relationship with them and will help build brand loyalty. We are hopeful of expanding our presence across the key markets in India.

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