February 26, 2021

Indian Govt. to communicate with the masses through Social Media

The ministry of information and broadcasting this Thursday gave way to a special initiative, which will focus specially on disseminating a string of information over a period of time across social media.


The Information and Broadcasting Minister, Mr. Manish Tewari, launched the ‘MyIndia Initiative. The initiative will act as a ‘Digital Volunteer Programme’, and will be aimed at disseminating various types of development messages across the many social media platforms that are being used by the majority of population today. The procedure will take proper shape after the citizens have been registered as volunteers, an official press release said.

Tewari also said that this initiative was going to be a milestone as it would help in enabling the government to disseminate information and make it reach to the citizens in a systematic way, especially to the youths of the country.

In yet another initiative to reach out to the people in the shortest possible time, the ministry has also planned for the first time ever, a Live Twitter Conference on the eve of the third Community Radio Sammelan on Friday.