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IndiaIT360.com achieves a new milestone with 1000+ Registered CIOs/CISOs
and 30,000+ IT Channel Partners

IndiaIT360.com, the pioneering B2B digital platform, celebrates asignificant milestone, marking the registration of a whopping 1000+ CIOs/CISOs and over 30,000+ IT Channel Partners. Emerging as the unrivaled digital hub that unites every player in the ICT fraternity, this triumph underscores IndiaIT360.com dedication to fostering a dynamic ecosystem for collaboration and growth within the technology sector.

Revolutionizing the industry, IndiaIT360.com stands as the only exclusive digital platform in
India, seamlessly connecting IT OEMs and cutting-edge Startups with CIOs/CISOs and IT
Partners based on their unique requirements. Positioned as the go-to solution for rapid business enhancement/tie-ups, the platform fast-tracks goals that might take two years elsewhere, accomplishing them in a mere three months. Offering unparalleled product visibility, IndiaIT360.com spans its influence from top-tier CIOs/CISOs to Small and Medium-sized Businesses (SMBs) even in the smallest corners of the nation, breaking geographical barriers.

IndiaIT360.com conducts digital campaigns by creating dedicated campaign pages within its platform, utilizing digital marketing tools to facilitate connections between OEMs/Startups and IT Partners or CIOs/CISOs. IndiaIT360.com has a professional backend team that helps in executing this 5-day campaign more efficiently and effectively. IndiaIT360.com provides campaign analytics data and Customer participation data to OEMs/Startups in real time.

IndiaIT360.com is more than just connections; it empowers CIOs/CISOs to become consultants, revolutionizing the way expertise is shared with other Corporates and SMBs. Facilitating a seamless and cost-effective IT procurement process, allowing Industries and CIOs/CISOs to generate Requests for Quotations (RFQs) as per their specific requirements. Boasting an expanding
database that includes more than 5000 actively involved CIOs/CISOs, IndiaIT360.com provides a comprehensive space for awareness, connecting businesses with cutting-edge technologies and nurturing startups under the Startup category of the Government of India.

Mr. Alok Gupta, Managing Director, IndiaIT360.com, expressed his enthusiasm, stating, “Surpassing the milestone of 1000+ Registered CIOs/CISOs and 30,000+ IT Channel Partners is a remarkable achievement for IndiaIT360.com. Thrilled to be pioneers shaping India’s tech landscape, we provide a platform that not only fosters collaboration and innovation but is also committed to reaching new heights.
We are committed to further elevating IndiaIT360.com to new heights, creating an even more impactful platform for
the tech ecosystem.”

In essence, IndiaIT360.com is more than a platform; it is a catalyst for business prospects, fostering collaborations, and ensuring that the ever-evolving landscape of the technology sector is seamlessly navigated. The platform’s continuous engagement and expansion reflect its pivotal role in shaping the future of the ICT industry in India.

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