India Ranks 3rd In Data Stealing Malware i.e. AUTORUN mostly via Infected Removable And Hard Drives

New research from cyber security firm F-Secure points that India is F-Securethe 3rd country to be affected by Autorun globally. Autorun is a family of worms that spread mostly via infected removables and hard drives, and can perform harmful actions such as stealing data, installing backdoors and so on. According to the new Threat Report, Autorun has been one of the top 5 PC Malware Threats in H2, 2014, making them a notable in today’s digital threat landscape.

Amit Nath, Country Manager, F-secure (India & SAARC) commented that, “Hackers are using various malwares like Autorun etc. to hack into various devices to steal data, banking credentials, cookies and other vital information which has emerged our country in the top 5 countries across the world.”

The top countries (per 10,000 users) afftected by Autorun are Malaysia (669), Turkey (315), India (306), Brazil (160) and Taiwan (143). In threats by region – Autorun is the 5th most found threat in Asia.

The full Threat Report is now available on F-Secure’s website, and contains more information on new developments, regional threats, and details regarding the digital threat landscape for the latter half of 2014.

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