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Implementation of AI-Driven CCTV Surveillance Ahead of Ayodhya’s Ram Mandir Inauguration

As the inauguration date for the Ram Mandir in Ayodhya approaches on January 22, elaborate preparations are underway, including the deployment of artificial intelligence-powered CCTV cameras in the vicinity. The Sri Ram Janambhoomi Trust has taken measures to accommodate 10,000-15,000 participants for the grand event, and the heightened security efforts, including AI-enhanced surveillance, aim to ensure a smooth and secure ceremony.

Piyush Mordia, Additional Director General (ADG) of the Lucknow Zone, confirmed the installation of AI-powered CCTV cameras, citing the expected large influx of visitors. In a meeting with Champat Rai, General Secretary of Shri Ram Janambhoomi Teerth Kshetra, the police administration discussed the sequence of proceedings for the upcoming ‘Pran Pratishtha’ (consecration) ceremony.

ADG Mordia emphasized the strategic placement of AI-enabled CCTVs throughout the district, covering areas around the Ram Temple and tent cities. The deployment of police personnel is designed to minimize disruption for pilgrims attending the significant event, ensuring their convenience and safety.





AI-powered CCTV surveillance implemented ahead of Ram Mandir inauguration  in Ayodhya - BusinessToday
AI-powered CCTV surveillance implemented ahead of Ram Mandir inauguration in Ayodhya

The consecration ceremony for the Ram Temple is a much-anticipated event, with Prime Minister Narendra Modi set to attend on January 22. The ceremony has garnered attention from various dignitaries, including VVIP guests from India and abroad. The preparations include a week-long series of Vedic rituals for the Pran-Pratishtha ceremony, commencing on January 16.

Lakshmi Kant Dixit, a priest from Varanasi, is scheduled to officiate the primary rituals for the consecration of Ram Lalla on January 22. The broader celebrations in Ayodhya, known as the Amrit Mahotsav, are planned from January 14 to January 22.

In anticipation of a surge in devotees, Ayodhya is setting up numerous tent cities to accommodate the expected multitude. The 1008 Hundi Mahayagya, a religious ritual involving the offering of oblations into a sacred fire, is also scheduled to provide sustenance to thousands of devotees.

The Sri Ram Janambhoomi Trust has meticulously outlined arrangements to facilitate the participation of 10,000-15,000 individuals, ensuring a structured and organized approach to the monumental occasion. The convergence of religious, political, and cultural significance makes the consecration ceremony a landmark event in the history of Ayodhya.

The integration of artificial intelligence in the surveillance infrastructure underscores the commitment to security and order during the ceremony. AI-powered CCTV cameras contribute to enhanced monitoring capabilities, addressing the unique challenges posed by the large gathering of people.

As Ayodhya prepares to host this historic event, the collaborative efforts between the administration, religious authorities, and security forces showcase a comprehensive approach to ensuring the success, safety, and sanctity of the Ram Mandir inauguration. The meticulous planning, inclusive arrangements, and technological enhancements demonstrate the significance attached to this cultural and religious milestone.

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