ICANN64 | Day 5 – DNSSEC Workshop

Exclusive Coverage by Tarun Taunk, Chief Editor ITVoice

DNSSEC is increasingly gaining popularity in the modern DNS domain by offering much secure and efficient extensions that can help to deliver optimized internet servicing without changing the standard protocols. DNSSEC workshop at ICANN64 was aimed to be delivered as a public presentation and discussion session with every individual who understands DNSSEC.

The discussion was attended by all the interested candidates with active involvement in the field of DNS and DNSSEC. Number of international registrars and ISP representatives attended the interactive session and contributed to its successful conclusion.

Why is DNSSEC important

DNSSEC efficiently protects users from landing on deceitful websites or fraudulent addresses which may be targeted to harm users via network based attacks. Unlike standard DNS, this system protects users from threats like poisoning, pharming, and man-in-the-middle attacks, thereby making the web experience much safer and effective. DNSSEC validates IP address resolution using cryptographic signature. Users never have to worry about unintended website or pop ups appearing on their screen while navigating through web in search of their desired information.

The workshop was carried in three different sessions held on the same day.

Session Leader: Kathy Schnitt


Staff Facilitator: Kathy Schnitt