August 8, 2020

ICANN64 | Day 4 – RSSAC Information Session

Exclusive Coverage by Tarun Taunk, Chief Editor ITVoice

RSSAC information session was held especially for technical professional who wished to know more about the latest updates on governance Model for the DNS Root Server System. The Root Server System Advisory Committee members also provided updates on their recent publication related to Root Server System and their current work and upcoming priorities.

The agenda of the meet was to describe the technical overview along with indepth elaboration of the proposed governance Model for the DNS Root Server System. The designated members also briefed about the current RSSAC Caucus Work and answered the queries in the following community interaction session.


What is RSSAC Caucus

Caucus is essentially a group of volunteers with field knowledge and expertise in Root server system and internet domain. The members are predominantly appointed by RSSAC board members and mainly consist of over 100 DNS and root server system experts. The body is formed to address the RSSAC issues using technical expertise and efficient frameworks for getting the required work done on a global scale.

Apart from technical updates on current RSSAC and Caucus work model, the session also helped members get a better understanding of the proposed Governance Model for the DNS Root Server System by RSSAC. The session hosts clearly defined the eleven principles for the operation and evolution of the DNS Root Server System and also described an initial governance model for the root server system and its operators.

For better explanations, the presenters also demonstrated the work model using real world scenarios and use cases.



Session Leader: Carlos Reyes


Staff Facilitator: Mario Aleman