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ICANN 65 | Day 4 – At-Large Review of ICANN65 and Planning for ICANN66.

This session offered all the At-Large Leaders the opportunity to provide feedback on ICANN 65, specifically At-Large sessions. As new activities will be introduced, this feedback was important for future planning. This session also began planning for the ALAC sessions at ICANN66 in Montreal, including the policy issue and any onboarding of new leaders. At-Large leaders, including ALAC Members, RALO Leaders and ALAC Liaisons attended the event and every other Interested member of the ICANN community were welcome to participate.

Agenda for the Meeting was as follows:

  1. Welcome and Aim of Meeting – Maureen Hilyard
  2. ICANN65 – What worked well and what needs improvement – Maureen Hilyard/All
  3. ICANN66 – Planning for ALAC sessions and for ATLAS III – Maureen Hilyard/All
  4. Board Seat #15 Process – Next Steps – Alan Greenberg and Yrjo Lansipuro See: Board Member Selection Timeline 2019-2020
  5. Next Steps – Maureen Hilyard

Session Leader: Gisella Gruber

Staff Facilitator: Heidi Ullrich

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