ICANN 65 | Day 3 – At Large Universal Acceptance (UA) Kickoff

The At Large community in partnership with the Universal Acceptance Steering Group(UASG)
hosted a kickoff meeting to evangelize and spread the word on Universal Acceptance. UA is important for communities around the world and this meeting began with At Large’s efforts to encourage the global adoption of UA best practices. John Laprise, Vice Chair of the ALAC rolled out a communications plan on UA to the regional leaders in hopes of beginning a positive feedback loop with At-large Structures (ALSs) and their members, first to spread the word on UA and ultimately to maintain a dialogue on both policy development and activation.

So, what is Universal Acceptance? It is the state where all valid domain names and email addresses are accepted, validated, stored, processed and displayed correctly and consistently by all Internet-enabled applications, devices and systems.
The Universal Acceptance Steering Group is an Internet community initiative that was founded in February 2015 and tasked with undertaking activities that will effectively promote the Universal Acceptance of all valid domain names and email addresses. The UASG was established by ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers), and it receives financial and administrative support from ICANN.
The group’s primary objective is to help software developers and website owners understand how to update their systems to keep pace with an evolving Domain Name System (DNS).
When businesses are UA-ready, their systems and services will work with the continuously expanding domain namespace. It also helps businesses set themselves up for future opportunities and success by supporting their customers using their customers’ chosen identities.