ICANN 64 | Day 1 – RSSAC Work Sessions (9th and 10th March)

Exclusive Coverage by Tarun Taunk, Chief Editor ITVoice

RSSAC (Root Server System Advisory Committee) work session held on the first day of ICANN 64 was one of the most crucial technical discussions at kobe meet. Fundamentally, RSSAC is the advisory body that provides its valuable inputs directly to the ICANN Board and community. The committee is responsible to work in the activities related to efficient operation and administration of the root server system across the globe.

Within the RSSAC body, there are various field professionals and global representatives who have come together to meet the goals of root name service. The ICANN session on RSSAC was initiated on 9th March and was closed on 10th, completing 8 important session on the subject.

The work sessions mainly focused on the administrative issues along with important discussion on forthcoming measures and the annual work plan. Later in the day, the sessions focused on various discussions related to concept papers followed by important feedbacks and guest insights. There was an extended tutorial session for all the participants and new joiners later in the day.

There were 4 more RSSAC work session that took place on the following day.


Session Leader: Carlos Reyes


Staff Facilitator: Mario Aleman