IBM’s Deal With Equinix & Adding 12 New Data Centers

IBM has aggressively expanded its cloud platform with the addition of File photo shows a worker behind a logo at the IBM stand on the CeBIT computer fair in Hanovertwelve datacentres across North America, Asia Pacific and Europe. The move will see the IT giant partner with Equinix for nine of those datacentres.

IBM’s own cloud centers are opening in Frankfurt, Mexico City and Tokyo as part of the $1.2 billion cloud expansion the company announced earlier in 2014 – and the company claims to have announced $4 billion worth of customer deals in recent weeks.

The deal with Equinix extends an existing partnership, and now allows Equnix tenants to set up Softlayer services and direclty link to them through an Equinix-provided API within the hosting company’s sites.

IBM has also partnered with datacentre incumbent Equinix to place its assets in nine datacentres globally – Amsterdam, Dallas, Chicago, Paris, Silicon Valley, Singapore, Sydney, Tokyo and Washington, D.C..

“IBM recognizes that businesses and governments need the cloud to help them innovate, grow and operate more efficiently in concert with their existing IT investments,” said Robert LeBlanc, Senior Vice President, Software & Cloud Solutions.

“Everything IBM does is designed to help companies transition to the cloud in a responsible way at a pace that best fits their business model and industry. Just as we helped major organizations transform in each preceding era of IT, IBM now serves as the cloud platform for the enterprise,” he added.