“I believe if a company dealing with SME can deliver the right solution at right time at the right price, they’ll always lead the market” Mr. Dhiraj Vijayvargia, MD, Priyam Infosystems Pvt Ltd.

Exclusive interview with Mr. Dhiraj Vijayvargia, MD, Priyam Infosystems Pvt Ltd.

IT Voice: “Tally Certified 5 Star Partner” and No.1 Tally certified partner in Rajasthan, Tell us something about your journey so far.

Mr. Dhiraj Vijayvargia: On a personal note, I have been associated with this SME business from last 24 years. Before starting off with Priyam Infosystems, I served in a software development company for almost 9 years and later founded this company in 2002. My core focus remained the same, targeting the SME domain and we have been quite fortunate that in the same year of our onset Tally approached us and extended their partnership with us.

Today, over about 16 years down the line, we have a strong business presence across 70 cities in the nation with over 15000 happy customer association. I believe none of this would have been possible without the strong teamwork, experience and dedication that every single employee at Priyam Infosystems has imbibed in them. We are the only Tally certified 5 star and GVLA partners in Rajasthan boasting top premium partnership of Tally.

IT Voice: Can you please tell us more about your Enterprise products and business solutions?

Mr. Dhiraj Vijayvargia: Being into the SME business for over 24 years now, I have seen extreme ends of this domain, with companies with 1 CR reaching up to 500 CR and more. Such is the range of SME business, with challenges and functional priorities changing every day. With our kind of team strength and domain expertise, we have successfully deployed over 200 business solutions that efficiently bolster the ever-changing needs of the respective fields. 

Few of our solutions are:

Smart Dynamic Integration Solution or SDIS, which is first of its kind dynamic solution for excel to tally integration

Applications SDIS-Ecomm, SDIS- Auto, SDIS- Others

A multi-utility solution called “Smart Tally”

IT Voice: In your opinion, what makes Tally the best software application till today?

Mr. Dhiraj Vijayvargia: Honestly speaking Tally is the best due to several reasons, be its simplicity, the UI convenience, its all-inclusive adaptability and primarily its unbeatable statutory compliance. Over the time Tally has been very focused in its field of work and has always developed solutions that effectively addressed all SMErequirements.

IT Voice: How has CRM market evolved with the introduction of Cloud services and automated tools?

Mr. Dhiraj Vijayvargia: When I look at the evolution of the business world, one major payoff which I derive is that CRM is a burning requirement of SME space now. It’s the biggest necessity now and every business should employee a custom CRM application in order to generate better lead management and reach out to their customers directly.

IT Voice: List few of the major business sectors that Priyam Infosystems has actively helped boost productivity

Mr. Dhiraj Vijayvargia: I believe there are various domains where our solutions have either directly or indirectly elevated the business potential of our clients but just to name a few there is Automobile, Multi-location, E comm, ERP (BIZ21), and other solutions developed through SAP.

IT Voice: Which modern technology do you think will create the biggest disruption in coming times

Mr. Dhiraj Vijayvargia: Technology realm has been changing on a rapid pace by now. As I see, Cloud is shaping really well. The fact is CapEx of every enterprise is increasing very heavily allowing businesses to easily move towards the cloud. Upgradation of hardware infrastructure has seen a decent development making cloud upgrades even more practically conceivable.

IT Voice: What are your growth drivers in today’s fast-changing technology domain?

Mr. Dhiraj Vijayvargia: Indian economy has always been served by SMEs. Its safe to say that the role of SME in the Indian economy is much more crucial than the larger accounts. I believe if a company dealing with SME can deliver the right solution at right time at the right price, they’ll always lead the market.

Here I’d like to quote a beautiful statement by Mr. Bharat Goenka owner of Tally, “there’s only one source of income, else everything you buy. Your source of income is your customer, keep your customer happy he’ll keep giving you money. Customer will pay u any money till the time u provide the right solution”

On the strategy front, I see great upcoming growth in ERP space. The connected environment inSME is going to flourish, people will talk about Data Analysis, BI solutions, so the next key driver will be connected environment where data can communicate

IT Voice: According to you, how big an entity has ‘Data’ become in modern enterprise space?

Mr. Dhiraj Vijayvargia: Data is one source which will give all crucial analytics to you. The answer to“where what and when”can only be derived through data. In my opinion, Data analytics has got the answer for every modern query now. Analytics is the key to MIS (Management Information System). Again, I’d quote that data analytics, connected environment, and ERP will be the tech majors of 2019.

IT Voice: Can you tell us something about your marketing strategies and service networks?

Mr. Dhiraj Vijayvargia: Over a period of time we have closely worked with Tally that helped us create this entire ecosystem with them. In the Rajasthan market, the ecosystem is led by a few top partners and we are greatly supported by this partner ecosystem. Currently, we are selling our solutions through this partner ecosystem.

IT Voice: Can you tell more about your journey and vision for the coming time?

Mr. Dhiraj Vijayvargia: I personally believe that being focused and honest with my work has been my biggest motivator. Being an entrepreneur is a wonderful way of making shaping a career, but it does come with a different set of challenges. I’d say that doing a job was quite easy for me but doing business is tough. Today, building an organization and managing people has become very challenging. To carry an organization, one needs to have a cool temperament, every day is different here and I try to enjoy every bit of it. It’s like being the captain of a ship, with a direct focus on upcoming opportunities.