Hyperx has launched the Armada series of Gaming Monitors in India

HyperX Armada

HyperX Armada

After the launch of the Armada series of monitors, HP’s gaming brand HyperX recently joined the market for gaming monitors. The Armada 25 and Armada 27 monitors were announced by the corporation in the West back in August as part of the debut. Let’s look at the specifications and prices of the gaming monitors now that they have reached the Indian market.

As suggested by its name, the HyperX Armada 25 is a 24.5-inch monitor. It supports a 240Hz refresh rate and has a Full HD resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels, making it perfect for e-sports gaming. Outstanding visuals and vibrant colours are provided by the monitor. The Armada 25 sports customizable refresh rates along with 1ms reaction times with overdrive thanks to its IPS panel and Nvidia G-Sync compatibility. The display has a 400 nit maximum brightness and 99% sRGB coverage.

Contrarily, the HyperX Armada 27 offers better performance and higher-end specifications. A larger 27-inch monitor with a Quad HD 2560 x 1440 pixel resolution is available. It has a 165Hz refresh rate for slicker graphics.

The monitor supports changeable refresh rates thanks to Nvidia G-Sync compatibility, and the IPS screen supports 1ms reaction times. With 400 nits of brightness, this monitor can get DisplayHDR 400 certification, meaning it can show HDR at a basic level. It also covers 95% of the DCI-P3 colour gamut.

An ergonomically designed arm and desk mount are included with the two HyperX Armada Monitors. To enable ergonomic viewing, the arm can extend or retract. Since they have two mounting choices (C-clamp or grommet) and a quick-release system, they are also relatively simpler to set up. The HyperX Armada 25 gaming display costs Rs. 42,590 in India. As opposed to this, the Armada 27 gaming monitor has a price of Rs. 46,290.

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