January 26, 2021

HTC One M9 To Get Better Camera Performance With Upcoming Renew –

htcWhile we aren’t all that impressed with this year’s HTC One M9, it still is the only smartphone out there to sport that precision-crafted aluminium shell.

So yes, it will find a lot of buyers. The problem is the camera, and as far as the reviews go online, its not good and neither is it an improvement over the paltry 4 MP UltraPixel sensor of the One M8.

But HTC is planning to do something about this.

In a Twitter conversation coming from a potential, inquisitive, customer, Jason Mackenzie, President of HTC America, gave a heads-up that a software update for the HTC One M9’s bad camera performance is coming.with the camera being the only gripe from a plethora or reviews online (yes, ours is coming as well), we can only hope that HTC’s software update gives us an all-rounder, since we have not seen one since the original One M7.