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HP enhances the capabilities of its business laptops with AI features at an event in Las Vegas

HP showcased the future of personal computing during the unveiling of its latest generation of AI-powered business notebooks on Thursday. This event marks the beginning of a new era in the PC market, as HP leads the charge in leveraging artificial intelligence to revolutionize workplace productivity and creativity. The introduction of what HP calls the largest-ever portfolio of “AI PCs” is aimed at supporting new generative artificial intelligence workloads in a hybrid workspace environment.

Alex Cho, President of Personal Systems at HP Inc., emphasized that this revolution goes beyond technical specifications, focusing instead on use cases, personas, and experiences. The flagship model, the EliteBook 1040 G11, is positioned as the epitome of collaboration in the business laptop realm. It boasts Intel’s Core Ultra CPUs, offering up to 21 hours of battery life, ideal for mobile professionals. Enhanced with Intel’s Neural Processing Unit (NPU) for AI acceleration and HP’s upgraded Endpoint Security Controller chip, the EliteBook 1040 G11 ensures both performance and security. Expected to launch in April 2024, it represents a significant step forward in AI-powered computing


HP’s commitment to AI extends beyond the EliteBook series, with the ProBook and ZBook lineup also receiving advanced AI capabilities. The ZBook series, tailored for demanding workloads like engineering and design, features Intel CPUs or AMD Ryzen PRO processors paired with Nvidia GPUs. Additionally, HP introduced the AI Creation Center, a comprehensive workstation solution for AI development, integrating HP’s Z by HP AI Studio software and Nvidia’s NGC libraries to facilitate AI model customization in a secure environment.

Industry experts anticipate a “supercycle” of PC upgrades fueled by AI-powered PCs, with HP at the forefront of this transformative shift. Cho emphasized that HP’s focus is not solely on AI but on enhancing the overall user experience and productivity. The company plans to introduce more AI-powered PCs in the future, with enhanced local inferencing capabilities for improved performance, cost-effectiveness, and security.

During the Amplify event in Las Vegas, HP showcased some early capabilities of AI PCs, including on-device generative AI for content creation tasks. Looking ahead, HP is teasing PCs with advanced AI features like running large language models (LLMs) locally. Other tech giants like Apple are also stepping up their efforts in artificial intelligence, as evidenced by the recent launch of the M3-powered MacBook Air.

Artificial intelligence has emerged as a prominent theme in the tech industry, with significant investments being made in AI models and applications. Market research firm Canalys predicts that AI-capable PCs will constitute 60% of all PCs shipped by 2027, underscoring the growing importance of AI in the PC market.

In summary, HP’s unveiling of its AI-powered business notebooks marks a significant milestone in the evolution of personal computing. With a focus on enhancing productivity, creativity, and security, HP is spearheading the adoption of artificial intelligence in the PC market, setting the stage for a new era of innovation and growth.

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