HP Champions The End User With Enhanced Design Services

hpA great user experience drives traffic and customer loyalty to an organization, making it an integral part of the next generation of application development,” said Marshal Correia, Vice President and General Manager, Enterprise Services, HP India. “With deep applications and design expertise, HP uses a collaborative approach with clients to design and develop applications that deliver the best customer experience.

HP User Experience Design services provide a central resource for designing and developing an application from start to finish. This provides organizations with a holistic view into the entire transformation process.

Additionally, HP integrates stakeholder input into the development life cycle early and often in order to create a final product that delivers a better user experience. The user-centered design practice offers a full complement of discovery techniques including contextual inquiry, usability testing, card sorting and interviews.

The user experience is enhanced when the application is seamlessly and securely integrated into the enterprise’s core processes and business systems. With deep experience, HP provides the secure provision of the right information to the right users. This can be done regardless of the age or technology foundation of their existing System of Record or their device, location or context.

Enterprises also must be able to keep pace with the shrinking time scales associated with the development and deployment of applications being driven by the rate of operating system releases and enhancements. HP developers can help enterprises significantly reduce development time frames—enabling progress in days instead of months—through its agile development services and capabilities.