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How Crucial is Online Appearance in Today’s Market Space?

Mr. Jai Sharma, Founder of Jai Sharma Solutions

The world that boasts about its wireless and smart technology, is rather chained down with cell phones and computers connected to the internet. Every other person is glued to their screen day in and day out, browsing content and information of different sorts. And for such a world, people being away from this inter-connected realm are rather considered as ghosts, having no digital footprints. As per the World Internet Usage and Population Statistics 2019 Mid-Year report, out of the 7,716,223,209 total population, over 4,536,248,808people are connected to the internet.

Mr. Jai Sharma, director of Jai Sharma Soluation said that “by utilizing the different platforms and means of the internet, the store can catch the eyes and attention from across the globe, not limiting to its locality alone. This is what the internet has to offer for businesses in the market space. Indeed, the importance of online appearance in this inter-connected world is not an alien concept. The trend of online marketing started creating waves in the first decade of this millennium and is reaching newer peaks with the advancement of technologies.” From the dial-up connections to VR, the world has seen the transition of marketing going more and more digital, and lesser of physical. It has come to a point where the advertisements are not only informative but interactive in nature. Individuals have presented ads in relation to their preferences, funneling down the approach for the businesses out there.

As per Forbes, an average American internet user consumes 4,000-10,000 on a daily basis. So, not only it is crucial to leverage the true potential of the internet, but it is much more important to use it in the right manner with campaigns and messaging, in order to get the needed attention.

In simple words, what people consume is what they believe in, and this consumption of information majorly affects their buying decisions, talking from the human psychological aspect. For achieving the same, brands strive on creating impactful campaigns that will attract their audience to read and later, believe in the brand. What revolutionizes the industry by a spectacular campaign, wins the crown and rules.

Further, what people see often, it is what they buy, instantly or later. A person would rather go for a ‘famous’ cellphone brand, instead of a new entrant, owing to the fact that the ‘famous’ brand has invested much in creating its online presence, be it the business website or the social media handles. This is how it became famous, undoubtedly the features and performance of both the brands’ cellphones are at par. But the winner is the one who has invested wisely in its appearance. And this appearance plays a very crucial role in making that brand famous, as what people see more is what they trust in. This is how the appearance of a brand gets reciprocated in its sales, raising its value over time.

For ages, it has remained a fact that the image is everything. Just the ways of managing this image have evolved with time. Businesses spend millions of dollars in setting up their websites and online presence to maintain the image. The time has arrived where not only brands but public figures maintain their online presence and image. The creator of Facebook, Zuckerberg shares his vision of commissioning US Elections on his brilliant social media platform in the future to come. This would again be dependent on the reach of the internet, which is massive already, along with the image of candidates appearing in the elections.

But, leveraging the power of online appearance is not as easy as it seems. It surely can manage crises and bear fruitful results, but on the other hand, even a small error on this online medium can create crises as well. Whether it is a brand or an individual, everyone needs to ensure that the campaigns and content shared on this medium are ethical and correct. It is how great Stan Lee quoted in one of his books, “with great power comes great responsibility”. Hence, the brands and individuals need to be responsible while executing their ideas on the internet to avoid any controversy. For the audience that can help boost up sales and profits, it can take them down too. 

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