HomePod mini Smart Speaker Introduced

HomePod mini which is Apple’s latest smart speaker has been introduced alongside the iPhone 12 models. As the name suggests, it is going to be a smaller version of the HomePod that was 1st launched at the ending of 2017. It is about 1/2 the size of the original HomePod but follows a similar structure aesthetic, though with the latest light-emitting touch panel on top. It claims of Ultra-WideBand capabilities that permit the smart speaker to track other devices of apple with the U1 chip and use the data for media controls, door locks, and interrelating with other smart home systems and devices.

In India, it is priced at approx. INR 10k, whereas the pricing is a little less in the US at INR 7300. It will arrive in 2 color options and can be pre-ordered from 6th November in India and numerous other countries. Although the sale will begin on 16th November.

The smart speaker is powered by the Apple Series 5 processor, which can too be found in Apple Watch Series 5. It will also comprise a U1 chip to enable support of Ultra-Wideband which will allow for better three-dimensional cognizance and precisely track the distance between another device with a U1 chip which involves apple’s smartphones and watch models. It uses this location data for controlling brightness, media and volume controls, door locks, and many others. It can also aware of you when a device has been taken from your home. With all this, the company is looking to provide extensive Home Kit support and amended functionality.


Image from Apple


Another latest feature is known as Intercom which allows its users to send messages from 1 unit to another while sitting inside your house. It can function with any apple made devices. A message can be played on all speakers via the home or even via AirPods being which are worn by members of the family. There is also a presence of a simple voice command which allows message receivers to reply.

However, requesting to Siri is not associated with an Apple ID, and Apple has promised to use powerful encryption to guard the privacy of the users.

Users can ask the voice assistant to play songs from a music streaming application. The HomePod mini has 2 tweeters, which is a lot less as compared to 7 tweeters which are present in the bigger HomePod. On the top, there is also a touch-sensitive surface that allows people to manage the volume. The mini version has a plastic top with a display.