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HMD Website Transition – Media Alert

I am sure you may have seen that at HMD, we are updating our channels from ‘Nokia Mobile’ to ‘HMD’. This change is more than just a new name – we’re introducing a fresh new multi-brand strategy and having lots of fun with it. This means you’ll see a range of ‘HMD Originals’, alongside Nokia phones and exciting products from new partnerships this year.
We’re Human Mobile Devices, but you can call us HMD. We have lots of news and announcements to come in 2024, so watch this space!

You will continue to see new Nokia phones. True to our values, HMD will continue to design more sustainable and affordable phones – our repairability, sustainability and digital detox products are landing incredibly well amongst consumer and business audiences alike and we are excited to build on that momentum with the new HMD brand. You can look forward to some exceptional mobile device experiences.

Regarding the development, Ravi Kunwar, VP, India & APAC, HMD Global, said, “Today is a big day for HMD as we move from being a brand licensee to a brand owner, a big step in our journey! This means you will get to see unique HMD originals, the Nokia phones that you’ve always loved, and some super exciting partnerships that we can’t wait to reveal. We’re excited about the opportunities this presents, and I invite you all to stay tuned for the unfolding chapters. Your unwavering support fuels our commitment to delivering excellence, and together, we’re telling a compelling story of innovation and progress.”

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