Himatsingka Seide Selects HP To Accelerate Customer Responsiveness

hpHP announced that Himatsingka Seide, a leading Indian textile firm, has selected HP StoreOnce to improve operational efficiency, customer order fulfillment times and business protection.

Headquartered in Bangalore, Himatsingka Seide manufactures and sells home textile products to customers worldwide. The company maintains order information for up to 30 years to support its large base of long-term customers. However, the company’s existing Digital Linear Tape (DLT) storage system required manual management and caused delays in backup and retrieval of the order information. The company needed a scalable storage infrastructure that would improve order processing times while allowing the company to meet increasing demand for its products.

After a competitive review, Himatsingka Seide chose an HP StoreOnce storage solution that enables the company to centrally manage storage across three offices, eliminating inefficiencies and management costs. With the consistent, high-performance deduplication technology of HP StoreOnce D2D4312i Backup and HP StoreOnce D2D4106i Backup, the company is able to compress backup data from 18 terabytes to 3 terabytes. Retrieval times for customer order information were improved by 80 percent, from one hour to 10 minutes.

“To keep up with the demands of our time-sensitive industry, our core business processes must be fast, reliable and protected,” said Ravi Prakash, Assistant general manager-IT Infrastructure, Himatsingka Seide. “HP StoreOnce provides us with a scalable infrastructure that improves our response times to customers while allowing us to expand our business without concern that our storage infrastructure won’t keep up.”

HP StoreOnce helped improve monthly backup performance by 90 percent – from two days to three hours – by protecting more data in less time. In addition, with the new optimized backup processes, six times less storage space is required, saving costs by eliminating the need to purchase additional storage. The solution also has an “autonomic restart” capability that ensures backup jobs complete even if there is a major hardware failure, reducing risk of data loss.

HP StoreOnce Replication Manager software is integrated into the HP StoreOnce solution, providing Himatsingka Seide with monitoring and management capabilities to improve textile order delivery times and enhance disaster recovery capability.

HP’s premier EMEA client event, HP Discover, takes place Dec. 10-12 in Barcelona, Spain.