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Here’s what happened when Anand Mahindra and Mukesh Ambani were trying to book an Uber

Mahindra Group chairman, Anand Mahindra, recently embarked on a tour of the United States as part of the Indian business delegation accompanying Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

The visit, which took place from June 21 to June 24, aimed to strengthen ties between India and the US, particularly in the high-tech sector. Mahindra attended the India-US Hi-Tech Handshake event along with other prominent business figures such as Mukesh Ambani, Nikhil Kamath, and Vrinda Kapoor.

Notable American representatives, including Satya Nadella, Tim Cook, Sundar Pichai, and Sam Altman, were also present.

Following the event, Mahindra took to Twitter to share his “Washington Moment,” recounting a unique encounter. He, Ambani, and Kapoor found themselves missing the group shuttle bus and were attempting to call an Uber when they ran into NASA astronaut Sunita Williams. They seized the opportunity for a selfie and humorously asked if they could hitch a ride on her space shuttle instead of taking an Uber.

The Indian business community has lauded Prime Minister Modi’s visit to the US, considering it a historic and groundbreaking event. Industry leaders have highlighted the emphasis on technology as a cornerstone of the partnership between the two nations.

The visit has yielded significant outcomes in areas such as semiconductors, defense acquisitions, technology access, space cooperation, and the resolution of trade disputes. The mention of Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) in the joint statement between India and the US has also been warmly welcomed, as it recognizes their crucial role in driving the country’s growth.

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