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Here’s how you can now Maintain your Net 4 India Domains Names

pdr domains
Net 4 India Domains now will be maintained by PDR Limited

ICANN today announced that PDR Limited will now be taking care or all the domain names which were registered through Net 4 India Limited before. PDR Limited – publicdomainregistry.com has same experience in the working region as Net 4 India did, and supports the same languages and currency for further transactional process.

So, the registrants of domains from Net 4 India, will now soon be able to manage it through https://www.publicdomainregistry.com. A certain process will be followed by ICANN so as to transfer all the registration data of domains from Net 4 India to PDR.

“ICANN org will work with PDR to ensure registration data for previous Net 4 India customers is transferred successfully to PDR. ICANN anticipates PDR will begin contacting registrants with information on how to access and manage their domain name registrations by early next week. ” as mentioned by ICANN.

Also “The bulk transfer follows the termination of Net 4 India’s Registrar Accreditation Agreement (RAA) and the invocation of ICANN’s De-Accredited Registrar Transition Procedure (DARTP). This procedure enables the successful transition of gTLD domain names previously registered by a terminated registrar to an ICANN-accredited registrar that can appropriately serve registrants.”

There won’t be any extra charges for the registrants as and when this process has taken place.

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