World Has Irrevocably Entered The Digital Data Era, Says Anuj Vaid, Executive Director CMS IT Services In An Exclusive Interview

Mr.Anuj Vaid, Executive Director CMS IT Services

Mr.Anuj Vaid, Executive Director CMS IT Services

Team IT-Voice recently had an opportunity to interact with Mr.Anuj Vaid, Executive Director of CMS IT Services. The company has strong areas of services, one is managed services and the other is system integration. Managed services span the spectrum of infrastructure and applications which include data center services, cloud services, network management services, end-user management services, cybersecurity managed services, application services. The company also provides a SaaS hosted from their cloud model.

In the exclusive interaction, Mr.Anuj discussed topics related to AI, ML, Cloud Computing, and the coming up projects by the CMS IT Services. Here is an excerpt from the interview.

Prateek: Tell us more about i3C Integrated Cybersecurity Command Center.

Anuj Vaid: The i3C integrated cybersecurity command center is the epicenter of modern-day cybersecurity technology delivery services. Starting with Managed Security services, it is built and architected to cater to futuristic platforms like Security-at-the-edge, Managed device mobility, Defensible cybersecurity, Cyber-forensics, Blockchain-based security ledgers, and Cyber-forensics using Machine Learning.

It will also become the hub for Quantum Key Distribution-led new-age Security services

Prateek: The pandemic has changed the business dynamics all over the world. How has CMS dealt with the change?

Anuj Vaid: There are 2 parts to this issue. One is how we have addressed the issues at hand internally and two, how we are trying to address the issues out of the emerging situation.

One, with the onset of the pandemic, we advised all our employees and colleague to work from home and strictly follow covid-responsible social behavior. Given that we preach Cloud computing, all our internal systems are available on the cloud and hence it was easy for our people to start working from their respective home locations.

Secondly, what are we doing to address the emerging situation? We believe that the pandemic has given a very big impetus for companies across the world to adopt digital technologies at a much faster pace. Hence, we are working with clients to help them transform their technology and business to suit the new digital era. With this Digital push comes vulnerability. Hence, we have rolled out VAPT services to help clients securitize their environment and landscape.

So, both internally and externally, we are prepared to take on the challenges of a post-pandemic world.

Prateek: What is the scope of Cloud computing in the coming years from an Indian perspective?

Anuj Vaid: Cloud computing has been growing very fast in India in the last decade or so. But the pandemic has given it a completely different boost. When companies and enterprises went to a WFH mode, a lot of them realized that their systems were not set up to support ubiquitous computing, that is computing from anywhere. Hence, their productivity suffered. This put a lot of pressure on them, and they have been compelled to take a relook at the cloud computing landscape.

Even smaller companies that never thought that they could afford cloud computing are trying to find ways and means to adopt it within their constraints.

We, therefore, believe that cloud computing is expected to go through a very massive growth phase in India. In fact, we are working towards coming up with some cloud-enabled services for clients as a part of the Digital Transformation theme.

Prateek: How can Artificial Intelligence be significant in enhancing performance across sectors? Do you see India as a developing hub for AI?

Anuj Vaid: AI and Machine Learning are two areas of Computer Science and Data Engineering that are redefining every area of business. Though the underlying algorithms are not new, the advent of affordable and powerful computing resources and the explosion of data enables those very same algorithms to produce very interesting results.

In every sector that we look at, we can see changes happening as a result of ML algorithms. A detailed discussion on this topic will itself require a separate forum.

As far as India is concerned, it is one of the 3 big hubs for AI and ML in this area, unfortunately, we are lagging behind China and of course the US. China is quite ahead. Despite that India has innovative start-ups which are reshaping the future of many industries and digitally disrupting them with the intelligent use of AI and ML.

This is a very exciting space, and we are doing something in this area as well. It will be announced in the near future.

Prateek: Are there any innovative products/services to be launched in the coming days?

Anuj Vaid: Yes, actually, quite a few. We believe that the world has irrevocably entered the Digital Data era. At the same time, 2022 will be a very exciting time that’s when the millennials would be entering the workforce for the first time. All this is changing the flow of business and technology and CMS IT wants to be a dominant player in that.

We will be coming up with platform-based technology services for the Digital Economy in partnership with many Tech partners and co-create technology with the premiere Tech Institutes of this country.

There will soon be many exciting announcements to come. Watch out for this space!

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