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HCL Celebrates World Bicycle Day and World Environment Day with a Pedal Up Ride in Noida

Ahead of World Environment Day, cyclists also participated in wall painting to raise awareness around responsible disposal of waste and keeping the city clean

HCL organized a “Pedal Up” Ride in Noida to celebrate World Bicycle Day and World Environment Day. The pedal-up ride witnessed participation from over 100+ cycling enthusiasts, Ride started at the HCL Corporate office at Sector-3 Noida, cycled up till Noida Sector – 144 and then came back to conclude the ride at HCL Corporate Office.

HCL Cyclothon in partnership with Clean Noida also organized a community engagement for cyclists where they participated in a vibrant wall-painting activity at Noida Sector-93. Through this activity, HCL and its initiative Clean Noida aimed to raise awareness about the importance of maintaining a clean city and practising responsible waste disposal. HCL also organized virtual rides in four other cities, including Chennai, Madurai, Bengaluru and Lucknow.

HCL Cyclothon initiative seeks to inspire individuals to embrace a healthier lifestyle through cycling while fostering a greater appreciation for environmental sustainability.

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