March 1, 2021

Half the mobile users in the country at risk, lack security solutions: Symantec

In a report by Symantec, it was found that about half of the population of mobile users in India do not use mobile security solutions which in turn makes them more prone to cyber crimes.


According to the report, 44 percent of the mobile using population receive a text message which asks them to click on a link which is supposed to be a voicemail link by the users and currently 70 percent of adults in India use mobile phones to access the internet.

Ritesh Chopra, Country Sales Manager of Symantec Software Solution said that all the malwares, spywares and trojans were hitting each one of them with the perspective of getting monetary benefits.

In an interaction section, Chopra asked the people to protect their children against Cyberbullying and discussed about the cyberbullying symptoms and its need for awareness.

He added that accessing personal information by making use of spywares was not very unusual and hence there was a great need for awareness among the masses.

Moreover, the makers of Norton antivirus are now seeking to visit schools in metropolitans as well as small cities to raise the awareness about cybercrimes.

The above mentioned project of Symantec will be held in the coming month of April.