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Grimes, former girlfriend of Elon Musk, introduces an AI toy named Grok capable of engaging in conversations with children

Grimes, singer-songwriter and former girlfriend of Elon Musk, has unveiled an AI-powered toy named Grok, not to be confused with the AI chatbot of the same name recently launched by Musk’s AI company, xAI. Grok, the AI toy, is designed to engage in conversations with children using OpenAI’s technology, providing a screen-free, interactive experience akin to conversing with a friend. Grimes, who is an investor and advisor in the toy company Curio, shared the announcement on X (formerly Twitter) with the caption “Special announcement.”

The AI toy Grok is part of a collection of screen-free AI plushies, and Grimes’s involvement in the toy’s design was inspired by her own children, particularly her son, X, who is now at an age where he can effectively interact with the toy. Grimes and Elon Musk co-parent three children: X AE A-XII, Exa Dark Siderael Musk, and Tau Techno Mechanicus. The couple split in September 2021, and the plushies—Grok, Gabbo, and Grem—are set to start shipping in early 2024.

Curio CEO Misha Sallee revealed that Grimes’s kids, especially X, were the primary inspiration for designing the toys. The plushies are equipped with AI capabilities and designed to create a conversational experience for children using OpenAI’s technology. It’s important to note that while Grimes’s AI chatbot Grok was launched by xAI, it is not integrated into the plush toy. The toys are part of an effort to offer a unique and engaging play experience for children, reflecting the growing influence of AI in various aspects of daily life.



Elon Musk's ex-girlfriend Grimes unveils a new AI toy called Grok which can  talk to children - BusinessToday
Elon Musk’s ex-girlfriend Grimes unveils a new AI toy called Grok which can talk to children

Earlier this year, xAI introduced the Grok AI chatbot, intended to compete with other conversational AI models like ChatGPT and Google Bard. According to a blog post by xAI, Grok is inspired by Douglas Adams’s sci-fi comedy “The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy” and is characterized by a “rebellious streak.”

Grimes, known for her involvement in the music industry, has also delved into the world of technology and AI. Her collaboration with xAI on the Grok chatbot and her role as an investor and advisor in Curio’s AI-powered toys demonstrate her interest in exploring innovative and interactive experiences for children. The plushies offer a novel approach to blending AI technology with play, emphasizing the potential for AI to enhance various aspects of entertainment and education for younger audiences.

In conclusion, Grimes’s introduction of the AI-powered toy Grok adds a creative and interactive dimension to children’s play experiences, showcasing the evolving role of AI in the realm of entertainment and companionship. The toys are expected to provide a unique conversational interface, contributing to the broader landscape of AI applications in everyday life.

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