GreenLattey launches TwelveWeek Challenge App promoting online workout sessions

GreenLattey launched TwelveWeek Challenge App,360-degree wellness activity for corporate people. This initiative has been taken mainly to help people stay home, safe and healthy.It aims at solving the universal problem of staying healthy,productive and fit while doing the corporate work. It has launched a new mobile application which helps working individuals stay fit,strong and motivated with a new workout every day from their home or office.

TwelveWeek Challenge has been designed to help organizations improve the employee’s morale,productivity,happiness at workplace and reduce physical pain and disorders with the help of a 10 to 20 minutes live-in-app fitness challenge.It also offers 1 on 1 personal training service for the people who want a personal trainer.

The TWC team believes that corporates look for a result based approach.Trainers help induct simple desk stretches and yoga poses that can be done from the employee’s desk over their phones. These stretches are gentle and relaxing, helping soothe tired and aching muscles and bones.

Mr Vivek Slaria, Founder, GreenLattey said that they we believe that being healthy and well are mandatory for driving a SUCCESSFUL CORPORATE INDIA OF TOMORROW. Studies have shown that a sound workplace wellness session improves productivity, happiness and creativity.Physical, mental and spiritual health are all equally important. Employees have reported that sound wellness sessions have helped them maintain their physical health and restore their peace of mind. Employees who exercise together create a more collaborative and positively fit environment.”

The team at GreenLattey is working to strengthen organizations using gamification and reward mechanism.The team believes that in this digital era,fitness can also take the digital route and help people lead a better and healthier life.

About TwelveWeek Challenge App:


TwelveWeek app was founded by Vivek Slaria, founder of GreenLattey in January 2020.  The TWC vision is to promote an increase in happiness among corporate workspace through wellness programs. The TWC team wanted to come up with something different. Most of the wellness organizations use offline programs which is quite time and space consuming.They mainly promote group wellness programs but 1 on 1 wellness services is also available on customer demand.The team aspires to become the best in wellness space by 2025 with the motto of “Client happiness is our happiness, ALWAYS!”