January 26, 2021

Government Has Brought An Applaudable Budget:Mr. Anil Chaudhary

Mr. Anil Chaudhry, Country President and Managing Director, Schneider Electric India on the Union Budget 2015-16.

budget“The Union Budget 2015-16 has created a sustainable growth momentum by focussing on allocations for infrastructure and subsequently a higher emphasis on the fiscal deficit. The measures and allocations announced in the Budget should accelerate large-scale infrastructure development in the country. The Government’s decision to allocate Rs70,000 crores augurs well for the infrastructure sector.

We welcome all these moves by the Government and particularly applaud the decision to set up the national infrastructure fund with an annual outlay of Rs20,000 crores as it will boost the planning and development of upcoming infrastructure projects. The Budget looks pragmatic and the increased outlays on infrastructure will see the creation of job opportunities in the country.

The Government’s impetus to prioritize renewable energy is also clearly highlighted in the Budget with the target for renewable energy capacity revised to 175,000 MW till 2022, with adequate focus on solar power. The decision to electrify 20,000 villages with the help of solar off-grid solutions offers an excellent opportunity for businesses to scale up their solar offerings in rural areas.

An announcement of direct or indirect tax benefits for the adoption of energy efficiency measures would have been welcome as it would have served to bridge the gap between energy supply and demand.”