Google’s New Policy to Allow It To Use Our Data Freely!

Taking the privacy issues on the Internet to an entirely new level, Google has Google_logointroduced new Terms of Service. These new terms have fueled the discussion on cyber privacy and security in an entirely new direction. With this new Terms of Service, Google will now allow your profile images and names appear in the reviews and ads.

However, the company has clarified that it will not provide any compensation to the users for using their information for any commercial purposes. The search engine giant has also said that this will happen only if you +1 an item on Google+ or make any other endorsing action. But, Google users are surely not ready to take this new ToS in a positive way.

Google issued a statement detailing the changes, where the company has stressed that the users will have ‘full control’ on whether they want to share their information through these endorsements. The statement reads, “On Google, you’re in control of what you share. This update to our Terms of Service doesn’t change in any way who you’ve shared things with in the past or your ability to control who you want to share things with in the future.”

Google plans to show these endorsements across its platforms including Google Play, Maps and Search. It will work in the way that if you rate an album or song on Google Play, your friends will be able to see your activity and any +1’s given to businesses might be included in Search advertisements.

Users will, however, retain the rights to enable Shared Endorsements and also who can view them. The new Terms of Service will come to effect from 11 November.