moto 360 notificationEver since Google announced Android Wear, a software project that extends Android to wearable devices, details regarding the new OS have been coming out slowly and steadily.

Google in the past shared video tutorials for developers, clearly aimed at attracting more of them to the new Android Wear ecosystem. The latest YouTube video is meant to give an overall introduction of the new OS, and is titled “An Introduction to Android Wear”. The video is hosted by a developer advocate at Google, Timothy Jordan, who gives an overview of the OS.

Jordan in the YouTube video is seen detailing the types of notifications in Android Wear, which feature three notification forms- Stacks, Pages and Replies.

Notably, Stacks groups together various notifications from a single app, while Pages allows addition of multiple info cards in a single notification. Lastly, Replies allow users to respond to notifications via Android Wear. The video also shows that the Android Wear interface focuses on voice-recognition feature, instead of conventional typing and swiping.

Earlier, a video shared by another Google advocate showed ability to add extra pages to existing notifications. Further, the video also showed that the Android Wear would allow users to see more details by swiping on the smartwatch display.

We can expect an official announcement regarding Android Wear’s release at the annual developers’ conference, I/O scheduled next week for June 25 to 26. Reports have been tipping that Google might introduce its in-car system at I/O and take on Apple’s CarPlay in the process.

A recent report also suggested that Google might debut its new health-focused platform that would offer the ability to collect data from connected devices including wearable devices and apps. The report was lent credence by the fact that both Apple and Samsung announced their own health platforms, HealthKit and SAMI respectively.



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