Google’s Ambitious $1500 Glass Eyewear Actually Takes Less Than $80 to Make?



If you’re a man/woman who believes in the bang for the buck concept and vouch for getting a bit by bit information on what you’re paying for, here’s a news that is going to be the subject of some heated debate. Global search engine giant Google’s much ambitious and often controversial Glass eyewear is priced at $1,500 in the US (when it was available for grabs for a limited period sometime ago). However, a new report suggests that you could build your own Google Glass at mere $80 or even less! is a website that is known to strip devices down to the core and then publishes estimates of the final bill of materials used therein. A little while ago, folks back at decided to do the same with the Glass eyewear, and what they found was, well, downright eye opening. Here are the price estimates as reported by

-Display/touchscreen and glass: $3

-Battery: $1.14

-Camera: $5.66

-NAND (storage): $8.18

-Processor: $13.96

-SDRAM: $4.68

The total bill sums up to $79.78 which is only about 5 per cent of the retail price of the Glass. Google has obviously rubbished the report calling it false and baseless.

The Google Glass is a device that looks like a spectacle and contains a hidden computer, a thumbnail-size transparent display screen above the right eye and other digital wizardry. The company has touted this device as an evolution in technology that is a lot more convenient and a lot less obnoxious in social situations. Critics however have raised uproar over the idea and say that this only serves to make users more enslaved to a device.    

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