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Google workspace and cloud get support for passkeys

A month ago, Google introduced passkey support for consumer Google accounts. Today, they are expanding this feature to business users by launching an open beta for passkeys in Google Workspace and Cloud accounts.

Google, like other major tech companies, has been actively working to eliminate passwords and enhance security. Passkeys offer a safer alternative to passwords and multifactor authentication. Users can sign into websites and apps using their phones, desktops, or laptops, utilizing the same logins they already use for their devices, such as biometric login or a PIN code. Since physical access to the devices is required, the risk of accidental access by adversaries is reduced.

Passkeys, similar to physical security keys, are resistant to phishing attacks, as they employ cryptographic protocols that are comparable to those used in physical security keys.

Google’s research has shown that using passkeys is twice as fast and four times less prone to errors compared to traditional passwords.

In their announcement, Google Workspace product manager Jeroen Kemperman and Workspace engineering manager Shruti Kulkarni highlighted Google’s decade-long commitment to combating phishing and password-related threats. They emphasized that passkeys represent the culmination of their efforts to bring phishing-resistant technology to billions of users worldwide.

As with previous Workspace rollouts, Google is gradually introducing this feature to users.

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