Google working on game console, Nexus Q successor and smartwatch: Forbes

google new pics and logoGoogle is apparently starting to take the hardware space a lot more seriously, if a report from Forbes is to be believed.

It seems that Google is really pushing forward hard to position itself significantly in the hardware market, as reported by Forbes. Apparently, the MountainView crew is working on a sequel to the Nexus Q, an Android-powered gaming console and a smartwatch.

Forbes says that Google might be working on a “Nexus Q2,” the update to their streaming device which didn’t even make it to store shelves. The Nexus Q was supposed to be Google’s solution to bringing music streaming to living rooms across the globe, but the project was scrapped shortly after it was announced. Now with rumours of a Nexus Q2, Google will hopefully at least stick to its guns and release the product, IF it is making one in the first place.

The next rumour pegs Google’s interests in the console arena. After the rather successful launch of OUYA, the first Android-based gaming console, it’s not surprising that Google would want to focus on this aspect of hardware space. While the cellphone and tablet market may seem saturated, the living room is yet to be populated by a device picked from a litter of options. If the Nexus phones and tablets are anything to go by, then if Google does decide to go ahead with a console, then we can be rest assured that the console would not only be a great performer, but also priced incredibly competitively.

Lastly, there is a rumour that Google may also be working on a smartwatch, just like Apple and Sony and LG. While Sony did announce their smartwatch recently, it remains to be seen whether Google is actually putting its financial backing into a wrist-based smart device.

Forbes reports that at least one of these three devices would be revealed towards the latter half of 2013, but whether that actually happens or not remains to be seen.