images (1)Google has announced a new Search feature, which would now give slightly more information about certain websites shown in the search results.

These websites, in order to qualify for this feature, would have to be “widely recognized as notable online, when there is enough information to show or when the content may be handy for you,” as per the blog post.

The users, after the search results are shown, would have to click on the name provided next to the website’s link to see the brief description. The information is pulled from Google’s Knowledge Graph.

The Google service appears to have rolled out globally, as we are seeing it here as well (note the screenshot). The service is only available when searching from a desktop browser. There is no word as to when this feature will for mobile search.

The firm recently announced its new project, dubbed Video Quality Report, which focuses on testing the video quality and the connection speeds of Internet service providers (ISPs).

The service will be available in Canada at first and will expand to more number of countries with time.

Google will test the ISP by playing back a high definition video from YouTube. The ISPs will then be graded as “YouTube HD Verified” if it is able to play 90 percent of the 720p HD videos.

After the test, Google is said to show a graph showing the video quality based on the time of the day. The users are also given the option to compare their ISPs with other ISPs in the area.

It has been also understood that the test showed positive results in Canada (with most of the ISPs giving good results), prompting Google to say Canada may be one of the first HD Verified Countries.



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