Google survey finds 60 million women internet users in India

women internet usersA recent survey by Google India has revealed that there are 60 million women internet users in India, with 24 million women logging on daily to check mails, social networking sites, etc.

A recent survey done by Google India has found that of a total of 150 million internet users in the country, 60 million are women.

The report, titled Women & Web Study, was designed to understand the internet usage patterns of the fairer sex, and how the internet influences purchase decisions of women in India. ‘It reveals that around 60 million women use the internet to manage their day to day life’, said a statement.

“With the report it is clear that the internet is empowering Indian women with easy access to information and helping them to make more informed decisions in their day-to-day life,” said Rajan Anandan, vice president and managing director, Google India.

Accessing the internet has become quite easy at homes, cyber cafes, as well as smartphones. The internet is also fast becoming the favourite medium for comparisons when making a purchasing decision. The study also revealed that younger and more affluent women were more inclined to use the internet.

According to the study, nearly 24 million women in India log on daily to check emails, social networking sites, followed by downloading music, educational content, job search, etc.

The study revealed that the top searches done by women in India were on apparels and accessories, closely followed by food and drink; baby care; hair care, and skin care products. About 25% of the total queries via mobile phones were related to food, drink, hair and skin care- making it the fastest growing search category.

Google India conducted this study by compiling search data related to skin, hair care, baby care, apparels and accessories along with TNS Australia’s research survey on 1,000 women.