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Google Play Store Unveils Cross-Device App Removal Feature

Google has rolled out a significant update to its Play Store app, introducing a new feature that allows Android users to remotely uninstall applications across various devices using a single account. This functionality extends beyond smartphones and includes devices like smartwatches with Wear OS, smart TVs powered by Android TV, and vehicles featuring Android Auto.

The update, marked as version 38.8 of the Google Play Store, aims to simplify app management for users across their interconnected devices. Google’s move is part of broader efforts to enhance user experience and streamline the interconnectedness of devices within the Android ecosystem.



Google could soon enable remote app removal through the Play Store
Google could soon enable remote app removal through the Play Store

Although the feature has been introduced in the latest app version, its widespread use is still pending, as reported by IT Voice. Testing the feature proved challenging for the publication, suggesting that Google might be gradually activating the feature through a server-side update rather than making it fully operational with the app update alone.

To leverage this new capability, users need to ensure that all their devices are logged in under the same Google account. Once this is confirmed, users can access the ‘Manage apps & devices’ section, choose ‘Manage’ in the Play Store app, and proceed to select the device and specific apps they want to uninstall remotely.

This feature is particularly beneficial for managing applications on less accessible devices like smart TVs and smartwatches. Additionally, the ability to sort and select multiple apps for deletion provides users with better control over device storage and organization.

By introducing this update, Google aims to empower users with greater control over their app ecosystem, offering a unified and streamlined experience across the diverse devices that constitute the modern digital lifestyle. As technology evolves, these efforts to simplify device management contribute to a more user-friendly and efficient digital environment.

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