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Google Pixel users facing battery drainage, network issues after installing June update

Google recently released its June 2023 Feature Drop update for Pixel phones, introducing new features such as cinematic wallpapers, improvements to the Recorder app, and emoji wallpapers. However, some users have reported experiencing unwanted battery drain and overheating issues after installing the update. Multiple Pixel owners took to Reddit to share their concerns regarding excessive battery drainage and connectivity problems.

Certain users mentioned that they now have to charge their phones twice a day to make it through a day’s usage. The Pixel 6 and 7 series smartphones, powered by the Tensor chipsets, are reportedly less power-efficient compared to Qualcomm’s Snapdragon SoCs, exacerbating the battery drain issue. Additionally, overheating problems have also been reported by some Pixel users.

Another issue reported with the June update is sudden and frequent signal drops on Pixel smartphones. To temporarily address this problem, users have been advised to restart their phones at least once daily. However, Google has yet to acknowledge these issues and provide an official response.

Although the battery drain and overheating issues with the June 2023 update do not appear to be as widespread as previous bugs, affected users may have to wait for a server-side patch from Google to resolve the problem.

Pixel users have encountered similar issues in the past. In May, a bug in the Google app caused overheating and excessive battery drain on Pixel 6 and Pixel 7 series smartphones. Google addressed this bug by releasing a fix to resolve the issue. Additionally, Pixel 6 users have previously reported random signal loss, with the performance of the built-in Exynos modem being cited as a possible cause.

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