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Google Photos now saves more internet data by caching videos

Google has been taking several initiatives lately to save internet data of users. In addition to launching new data saving features in apps like Youtube, Google Chrome among others, the search giant has now brought a new data-saving feature to Google Photos.
The company has introduced a new feature as a part of an update that saves the video users have viewed on the handset by caching it. This not only saves the data, which gets used every time a user opens the video, but also makes it quicker to access without any loading time.
“Once you watch a video it will be cached for faster replay without using additional data,” says the Google Photos change log. The update also brings performance improvements. While this new feature may take some space in the handset, it can be removed by users as and when they want. They can simply swipe clean the cache of the handset.
Google, back in June, removed one of the features from its Photos app. The company removed the option to backup images and videos while the device being charged. It is not clear as to when exactly the feature was removed but some user spotted the change and posted it on Google forums. Following that, Google representatives confirmed the removal of the aforementioned feature.
Some users mentioned that the particular feature can be removed by uninstalling the latest update and switching back to the older version of the Photos app. It was also mentioned that enabling the “backup only while charging” option before updating the app also retains the feature.
The app recently got its ‘Archive’ option on Android and iOS. The feature enables users to take certain pictures from their image feed and move them to a separate section in the app.
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