Google LG Nexus 4 launch in india soon

LG Nexus 4 was launched in the US last year


NEW DELHI, INDIA: For those of you in India, who are waiting eagerly for the launch of Google LG Nexus 4,  here comes a glimmer of hope. Software giant Google has added India to the Nexus 4 and Nexus 7 pages, which show the list of countries where Google’s flagship devices are available.

Although, there is no word from either Google or LG on the Nexus 4 India launch, this listing might be considered as a positive sign. However, there is no information on the details of the smartphone for India.

The website displays this message when one clicks on the ‘shop now’ icon ”Sorry! Devices on Google Play is not available in your country yet. We’re working to bring devices to more countries as quickly as possible. Please check back again soon.”

Also, an Indian online retail website, which has listed the LG Nexus 4 ever since its launch in the United States of America, shows the probable date of availability of the device as March 15, 2013. However, the website has previously pushed the availability date forward several times.

The smartphone has impressive features like 4.7 inch display, Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 processor, 8MP main camera and 1.3MP front camera, Android 4.2 Jelly Bean operating system, 2GB RAM, and so on at a very affordable price. But the lack of availability of the smartphone has irked several consumers and brought down the hype surrounding the smartphone to a large extent.