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Google launches its foldable phone : Pixel Fold , But not in India

Pixel Fold

After the long hype of Google’s new phone , especially their first foldable
phone, Pixel Fold was launched through the Google I/O digital event on 10th
May and made the phone finally official. It was the much awaited foldable
phone of the year. However the phone hasn’t been given complete global exposure
, with the model only being launched in the markets of the U.S., UK,
Germany and Japan.
Pixel fold starts at a price of $1,799 for the 256GB model
and $1,919 for the 512GB model.

Talking about design specifications and the rumors related to it, the phone
has only surpassed the expected features circulating through the internet for a
longer time. In folded state , the secondary screen is expected to be around 5.8
inches in size and the bigger screen would increase up to a size of 7.6 inches.
Google claims it will be one of the thinnest foldable smartphone in the market
which will let users use both the displays at the same time. It also has the
continuity play i.e. videos played in folded mode will seamlessly transfer to
opened mode.

Pixel Fold gets the multi-tasking windows paired together, both
quick settings and notification panel can be visible simultaneously on the larger
display. Also it has the table-top view , as the playback options goes to the
bottom while the video streaming becomes smooth on the above display.
Still going in line of rumors, the Pixel Fold is backed by a 4800mAh battery
with support for fast charging via the USB Type-C port. It also comes with
support for wireless charging.

Sadly for Indian electronic geeks and trend catchers in mobile upgrading,
Google has no plans to launch this foldable model anytime soon in the country
despite a high-end demand and a booming market. However who desperately
wants to get hand on this device, they can pre-order from the US which will be
shipped in June.

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